History of Virtual Forms Project for MS Excel and VBA


10 years ago we had the challenge while building and maintaining dozens of applications with hundreds of CRUD (create, read, update and delete) Mater-Detail database forms and nonbound forms for creating parameters for reports or getting parameters for some kind of processing.

Developed in many programming environments, among others, in MS Excel and VBA, Python, C#, VB.NET and many others. And also using different databases for the data source like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel Workbooks.

It’s not a problem when you have few forms, but when the app grows and the number of forms increases, men, then it gets messy.

So we decided to create an ActiveX control which will handle the 95% of all our database operations and for other 5%, we would use the standard manual process.

With the experience and knowledge gathered over the years and the use of this control in a number of companies that specialize in creating applications for financial and accounting sector in the Croatian market, we decided to allow others to also have the opportunity to use this control in their work. And so the WinPIS j.d.o.o. company was born on 12. December 2012. (12.12.2012.).

In the years that followed we needed to translate the control into English and make a foundation so that it can be translated into any other language. Also, we needed to build the designer application so that it will be easier to create the definitions for creating (defining) virtual forms.

In the winter of 2016. the Beta version of Virtual Forms for VBA and MS Excel 32-bit edition is launched.


Why the name Virtual Forms

The forms that are created at run time doesn’t exist at design time.

There is only 1 physical form at design time that is hidden in control. When we create a Virtual form the control creates a virtual copy of this physical form. That way we can have many instances of the same form loaded.


About the company WinPIS j.d.o.o.

WinPIS j.d.o.o. specializes in creating software and related solutions. Our main product is Virtual Forms.
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WinPIS j.d.o.o. is registered in Croatia on 12. December 2012. (12.12.2012.)

VAT-ID: HR33122633302
MBS: 070105613

Registered Office:
Jezerski put 10A
42240 Ivanec



Persons authorized to represent:

Davor Geci CEO@WinPIS

CEO: Davor Geci, bacc. ing. techn. graph.
OIB : 38721882264