The Ridiculously Easy Way To Build Your Desktop Excel Database Apps in Minutes


… You know what Microsoft Excel is?

… You have also heard about VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)?

… You know that in databases we store data in tables?


… You Don’t Need To Hire or Rely on a Tech Team!

… You certainly are ready to use Virtual Forms & Excel VBA!

Excel Database with Virtual Forms
Multilevel Main Menu
Filter Advanced and Simple
Only 11 lines of Excel VBA code
database schema
Virtual Forms in action - Userforms for Microsoft Excel

CEO Davor Geci:

Davor Geci, CEO

Quickly build Professional Windows Desktop Database Applications with MS Excel VBA in minutes!

With Virtual Forms Framework.

 Get it NOW and see it for yourself

“Create few tables in the database, or create few sheets in MS Excel Workbook.
Tell the Virtual Form Designer which fields you want to use.
And you’re done !!!”

Customer reviews

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Design your database

You can use Excel WorkBook, Access, MySQL or MS SQL as your database


Define the look

Add buttons to your Virtual Form, choose fields for Grid and Edit control, manage relationships for Master-Detail Forms and LookUp Forms


Use your new app

Use it, yeah, start using it!
(Your app is done!)



Extend your Virtual Forms with VBA code or Python code