Have you ever tried to create a UserForm in Excel?

Heaven forbid, Master-Detail UserForm?

Yes I know, waste of time.

But now we have the Virtual Forms Framework. Finally!

You could benefit from it too.

If you help us, we will Reword and also Help you!

Create stunning Excel UserForms with few lines of code, in minutes, and impress your clients and colleagues with the new Excel UserForms.

Join us.

If your English is good and if you have some knowledge of Microsoft Excel & VBA, with sharing it, you will not only get for FREE the Lifetime License for the Virtual Form Designer from Virtual Forms Framework, but you will also get the chance to be part of development team that is building the new UserForm control for Microsoft Excel – the Virtual Form.

We need someone to:

  • test the Virtual Forms Framework
  • write articles about Virtual Forms Framework
  • write Documentation
  • create databases in Microsoft Access, MySQL, MS SQL or Excel Workbooks
  • create text or video tutorials
  • build samples that use Virtual Forms Framework

If you help us with some of the tasks, you can get from us:

  • Lifetime License for the Virtual Form Designer
  • 365 days of new version Update
  • (If you already have a license, then an update for the next 365 days)
  • your name and your description (Bio, links, or whatever you write) on the Hall of Fame page
  • and much more!!!!

How to Join us:

Simply contact us with your name and describe what you are good at, and let’s start the conversation.


Davor from Virtual Forms Framework for MS Excel


How to Excel in Microsoft Excel & VBA?

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