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Reorder & reposition Edit control fields

You can reorder the fields in Edit control on 2 ways. In Virtual Form Designer or directly on the Virtual Form.

Reorder fields on Edit control directly on Virtual Form

Open the Virtual Form. Right mouse click anywhere in the Edit control and click on “Reorder Controls”

Now the Virtual Form Control will present you the current order of the Textboxes and ask you with which number you want to start. This is good in situations when we have a lot of textboxes and don’t want to start with the first one.

Let’s start with the number 2. Then click on the Textboxes in the order you want them to be reordered.

Current order was:

  1. TestID
  2. Test Date
  3. Test Name
  4. Test Price
  5. Test count

When we are done, we need to reopen the Virtual Form.

Because we didn’t reposition the Textboxes, and thereby fix their position within the Edit control, the Virtual Form Control will reposition the fields in an order that we changed.

New order:

  1. TestID
  2. Test Name
  3. Test Price
  4. Test count
  5. Test Date

Partial Responsive Design

If you change the width and height of the Virtual Form, next time you open the Virtual form it will remember and open in this positions. It will also reposition the buttons group section, Edit and Grid control.


The edit control will only reposition if you didn’t change the positions of the Textboxes.

Reorder fields on Edit control within Virtual Forms Designer

Open the Virtual Forms Designer by going to “Menu” worksheet and clicking the button “Open Main Menu”.

On the form “Main Menu” click the button “Open Virtual Forms Designer”

In the Virtual Forms Designer Treeview find the Virtual Form on which you want to reorder the Edit control fields.

Expand the treeview node of this Virtual Form by clicking the + on the left.

And right mouse click on the Edit control that will show the menu where you click on “Reorder Edit Fields”.

This will open the “Order Edit control fields” form where you can select the field and with help of the buttons on the right move them up or down in the order list.

When you’re done close the Virtual Forms Designer and reopen your Virtual Form in Excel to see the new changes.

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