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Tips for choosing a suitable data source (database)


  1. Every table, view or worksheet that you want to use as the data source for your Virtual Form needs to have a unique field, for example, a Primary key, and this field can’t be a Composite Key (it can’t be a combination of two or more fields).
  2. If you want to use an Excel workbook as the data source, every worksheet needs to have at least 1 row of data, because the database engine, when we use Excel worksheet, scans the 1. row to determine the field type. One more thing, if you are thinking to use Excel worksheet as the data source, it will get very slow very fast! So, my tip is to get from the start with for example MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database.

TIP 1:

If you don’t want to use only the data from tables, since we can specify which fields we want to display separately in Grid Control and in Edit Control, if we want to add, edit, update and delete records from our Virtual Form we can use the Updatable Views (MySQL & MSSQL) and use all the fields from this Updatable View in the Grid Control and only the fields from the Main Table in this Updatable View in Edit Control. And if we don’t need in this Virtual Form to add, edit, update or delete the records we can use any type of View.


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