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How to Register / Unregister (Destroy License) / Transfer

How to Register

The Virtual Forms Framework is licensed as a Freemium software. The Virtual Form Control that you need installed on every machine where you want to use your application is FREE for use and for distribution, and the Virtual Form Designer is a paid (commercial) product.

So when you want to register your copy of Virtual Form Designer you must have a License Key.

To get your License key you have to Buy it.

On the Order Form, you need to insert the Registration ID that is displayed on the Product Registration Form.

This “Product Registration Form” is displayed every time when you run the “Virtual Form Designer” if your copy of “Virtual Form Designer” is not already registered.

You can also start this “Product Registration Form” by going to the installation folder where the “Virtual Form Designer” is installed. For example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual Forms” and then double-click the Register.exe

Once again. You can freely run the Virtual Form Framework and redistribute, only on the computers where you want to use the “Virtual Form Designer” you need to register it when the trail ends.

When the payment is completed you will get the License Key to the email address that you have entered in the Order Form.

If you have any problem or questions you can contact our support team.

Unregister / (Destroy License Key)

We have a refund policy of 30 days no question asked. So if you decide that you want to get your money back all you need to do is to open a support ticket or send us an email with the Destroy License Key and you will get your money back.

How to Destroy the License Key?

For security reasons, the application that lets you destroy the license is located in the folder where your application is installed.

In most cases, it is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual Forms

In this folder find the application with the name: Destroy.exe

Run this application. It will ask you if you are sure that you want to destroy the License Key.

If you click YES it will destroy the license key and display you the License Destroy Key.

Important: Don’t close this form before you write down or copy/paste this Destroy-Code and Date/Time.

Now, if within 30 days you send us the Destroy-Code, we will give you back your money. No question asked!

How to Transfer the License to another machine

The Transfer utility (TRANSFER.EXE) is located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual Forms” and it allows you to transfer the license for the protected application between machines via the License Key. In order to transfer the license from one machine to another, you must run the Transfer utility on both machines. Assume you want to transfer the license from machine A to B, the steps are described below.

  1. Run the Transfer utility on machine B. The dialog box provides a Registration ID.
  2. Run the Transfer utility on machine A. Then, enter the Registration ID provided by machine B. In this step, the utility generates the License Key that encodes the current license status and destroys the Key on the machine.
  3. On machine B, enter the License Key provided by machine A. The license transfer is complete.

Why is Virtual Form Designer Licensed on per Machine (Computer) basis?

This is not to limit you guys, but it is some kind of protecting you and us. I have learned from my previous projects.

One of our previous products was licensed in a way that you got Activation Key and you could activate as many installations as you wanted. So, it had no limit, but then someone has published his key online and then I got 100-s of emails and questions per day and it was increasing every day.

I was not able to physically respond to them and because more than 99% of them was from this “free key” I had no budget to expand the team, to hire someone to help me out.

And it ended with catastrophe.

It’s a shame because it was a helpful product.


But don’t worry we are all programmers, we can work something out.


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