There are 2 components in the Virtual Forms Framework and are installed when you run the setup:
1. Virtual Forms control
2. Virtual Forms Designer

The 1. The Virtual Forms control is totally free and we need it on every machine to run the virtual forms
and 2. is the Virtual Forms Designer that we only need if we want to create, modify, delete Virtual Forms.

So in this download, you get the installation setup (that installs this 2 components) or your, or on your user’s machines.
With every installation comes automatically both components installed the Control and the Designer, but the Designer in a 14 days Trail.
So only on the machine where you want to create and modify your apps, you will use the Virtual Forms Designer.
You can use this Virtual Forms Designer for 14 days to create and modify your apps.
After this 14 days, your apps will still run everywhere where you put them (if you also run the setup with control and designer) including on this machine, but only the Virtual Forms Designer will not work after this 14 days.
And if you want it, or need it, after this 14 days, you can get your Full Lifetime License with 6 months of free updates here:

Or if you did get a Udemy Course on Virtual Forms with more than 4.5 hours on-demand video on Virtual Forms, Excel & MySQL,
then in the last BONUS lecture you can find a Discount Coupon Code that gives you $21 OFF. But I don’t know how long will this offer be available.
One thing I am certain, and that is that it is still, for now, available.
If you want to get the course (if you didn’t already get it), the course link (with 92% OFF) is here:

Regarding Hosting, there is no need for hosting.
You can have the database on your machine or in your network, or in your own hosting if you want that the database is online.