FREE Professional & Paginated Excel Reports without Power BI

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About this course

This course is for legacy version 2 of Virtual Forms for Excel, but most of the content in this course is still current for the NEW version 3.

For the new features in version 3 please register for the Webinar on the homepage.

How to create and show Professional & Paginated Excel Reports without Power BI using Virtual Forms free Report Viewer control for viewing & Microsoft Report Builder for SSRS for creating Paginated Excel Reports.

Paginated reports or “pixel perfect” reports are long the standard report format in SQL Server Reporting Services and they are now also available in Power BI.

But starting from April 2020. the paginated reports or pixel-perfect reports are also available to Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Word users, Python developers and any other development environment that supports ActiveX technology thanks to the free Virtual Forms Control.

This means that you do not need any license to create or use and display paginated reports.

Create your paginated reports or pixel-perfect reports with free Microsoft Report Builder and display them to your users with the help of the free Virtual Forms Control component that contains the Report Viewer control.

You don’t need Power BI or any subscriptions to be able to display your paginated reports in Excel or Python (we can say that this are power bi paginated reports without premium).

All you have to do is install the Virtual Forms Framework, which contains a free Virtual Forms Control that will allow you to display your pixel-perfect paginated reports.


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