Create Excel or Python App in 15 minutes using Virtual Forms (version 2)

4 Chapters 15 Lessons

About this course

This course is for legacy version 2 of Virtual Forms for Excel, but most of the content in this course is still current for the NEW version 3.

For the new features in version 3 please register for the Webinar on the homepage.

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Create quickly Excel GUI (no code) or Python GUI (6 lines of code) Windows desktop apps using Virtual Forms


You will learn the Basics of creating a Professional Excel GUI or Python GUI Windows desktop database application in under 15 minutes without coding in Excel or with just 6 lines of code in Python using a tool called Virtual Forms Framework in this Excel & Python tutorial course.

We will create a simple Virtual Form that is able to (CRUD):

  • Create new 

  • Read

  • Update

  • Delete records from database

  • Filter records in the Grid control with build in Filter functionality

No code in Excel or only 6 lines of code in Python

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