Access & Excel VBA App & Usage Monitoring Online with Azure

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How to in real-time & online track Events, Metrics, Errors & usage of your VBA projects - Excel Access Word PowerPoint

Excel VBA Application & Usage Monitoring Online with Azure.

In this course you will learn how to connect your Excel VBA WorkbookAccess VBA Application or any other Microsoft Office product that supports VBA and Microsoft Azure cloud.

Why? Because ...

... You created a killing Microsoft Office document, Access VBA Application, Excel VBA Workbook, Word document or PowerPoint slideshow or other that supports VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
You've distributed them around the world to your users.
But how do you know if there are any bugs in your, eg. Excel VBA code,  what parts of your document is used the most, which function, routine or part of the Access VBA or Excel VBA code is executed faster or slower on your user's machines?
Or are your Microsoft Office documents used at all?
Now you can! With help of VBA Telemetry and  Azure Application Insights

All you need is a Free Azure Account and a Free version of VBA Telemetry client.
Insert few lines of VBA code into your Office document (eg. Excel VBA code) and enjoy how your tracking data is flowing into your FREE Azure Account ready to be viewed and analyzed by you.


From the author of the VBA Telemetry client, Davor Geci, with more than 20 years of programming experience, you will learn how to, with just a few lines of VBA code, connect your Access VBA or Excel VBA or Word or PowerPoint or any other VBA project with Azure cloud.

This will give you the unseen opportunities and possibilities for improving and monitoring your VBA projects (eg. Excel VBA projects), no matter where the user is located. 
And all that in real-time.

So don't wait.  

Take this course NOW!

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Course Structure

Sending telemetry data to Azure Application Insights resource (Excel example) 7 Lessons

VBA Asynchronous vs Synchronous Logging (tracking)

VBA Asynchronous vs Synchronous Logging (tracking) - Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint

In real-time - online - using Azure Application Insights.

The impact on your app’s performance is almost none.

Tracking calls are non-blocking, and are batched and sent in a separate thread.

This is why we say “in almost real-time”.

Analytics Portal & Azure Log Analytics queries

The Analytics portal is a web tool to write and execute Azure Log Analytics queries.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Getting Started with the Analytics Portal

The full language reference details every command supported, and updates regularly

If you want to use Microsoft Analytics Demo data and practice with this data, here is the link to Demo Analytics.